The Bridge is a Hunter College magazine and online publication devoted to exploring the rich diversity of cultures and arts on campus — as well as in New York City.

Founded by students enrolled in the Fall 2010 Magazine Writing class in the Film & Media Department, The Bridge offers cultural features focusing on the passions, virtuosities, and lifestyles of Hunter students. It also provides opinion and commentary on the New York cultural scene with discussions of fashion, music, TV and film, as well as other arts important to Hunter students.

Our team of editors, writers, critics, fashionistas, and bloggers are what make this magazine inimitable.

For all inquiries and suggestions, please email staff@hunterbridge.com.

The Bridge Team, Fall 2015:

  • Selena Barrientos, Contributor
  • Olivia Singh, Contributor
  • Natalie Rosario, Contributor
  • Kafaya Shitta-bey, Contributor
  • Sunny Liu, Contributor
  • Dominic Napolitano, Contributor
  • Siyu Liu, Contributor
  • Sabrena Jewth, Contributor
  • Evelina Baranovskaja, Contributor
  • Charlotte Gillies, Contributor
  • Sherlyn Aldas, Contributor
  • Halima Haider, Contributor
  • Chelsea Navarez, Contributor
  • Arlene Chiu, Contributor

The Bridge Team, Spring 2013:

  • Janice Camacho, Contributor, Public Relations
  • Deena Clubwala, Contributor
  • Heather David, Contributor, Photo Editor, Fashion
  • Caitlin Gallagher, Contributor
  • Vlada Ginzburg, Contributor, Fashion
  • Diego Mercado, Contributor
  • Regina-Lea Nuzbrokh, Contributor, Fashion
  • Christopher Pasqual-Kwan
  • Jonaise Privette, Contributor
  • Elijah Stewart, Contributor
  • Colleen Stone, Contributor, Social Media
  • Simone Sylvester, Contributor
  • Tadia Toussant, Contributor, Fashion
  • Thomas Wengler, Contributor
  • Jung-Ae Yi, Contributor

The Bridge Team, Fall 2011:

  • Daniel Bejarano, Contributor
  • Alexandra Belenkaya, Contributor
  • Stephanie Boriskin, Contributor
  • Shanice Chaplin, Contributor
  • Jesse Convertino, Contributor
  • Hadija Davidson, Contributor
  • Anthony Feliciano, Contributor
  • Stephanie Hologounis, Contributor
  • Adelyn Maldonado, Contributor
  • Kristina Nocerino, Contributor
  • Melissa Remo, Contributor, Public Relations 
  • Joana Ursaciuc, Contributor

The Bridge Team, Spring 2011:

  • Diana Arriola, Contributor
  • Forrest Barnett, Contributor
  • Magna Blemur, Fashion Editor, Contributor
  • Patrycja Bujak, Events Committee, Contributor
  • Carmen Corchado, Music Editor, Events Committee, Contributor
  • Damaly Gonzalez, Fashion Editor, Contributor
  • Rich Hatibbon, Music Editor, Contributor
  • Zuleyka Indarte, Contributor
  • Jennifer Kraham, Public Relations, Contributor
  • Jessica Taghap, Contributor
  • Janie Thomas, Contributor
  • Ashley Torres, Fashion Photo Editor, Contributor
  • Phung Truong, Events Committee, Contributor
  • Tannya Viera, Contributor
  • Langman Xu, Contributor

The Bridge Team, Fall 2010:

  • Grady Camp, Web Editor
  • Jerome Tan, Web Editor
  • Lenis Lozano, Web Editor, Public Relations, Contributor
  • Gabby Guevara, Fashion Blogger, Contributor
  • Julien Bizalion, Dining and Nightlife Editor, Contributor
  • Monica Carr, Contributor
  • Nora Gilmartin, Contributor
  • Sherma Cools, Contributor
  • Hannah Caggiano, Contributor
  • Alisa Hite, Contributor
  • Sumiya Lowe, Contributor
  • Colleen Siuzdak, Contributor
  • Kristina Vasquez, Contributor
  • Wen Wang, Contributor
  • Julie Yap, Contributor